Backup Your Stuff With Create Synchronicity!

When talking about backup software, I usually enjoy taking such pieces of code for a spin and come up with a nice review, but this time, things seem so straightforward to me, so I’ll only write a short recommendation and nothing more.

Create Synchronicity is a tiny piece of code, available as a installer or right inside a ZIP archive, both having negligible sizes. When using the installer, for example, you’ll only need 395 KB to deploy this program, and I think this is simply awesome.

Create Synchronicity allows you to easily synchronize folders, offering 3 methods for this operation (mirror, one way and two ways incremental), as well as advanced features like scheduling, file hashing and a bunch of other goodies I’ll leave for you to discover. After all, this one’s completely free to download and use (open source, too, so if you’re a programmer…), and in case you’re not using any kind of backup software, it’s surely a nice introduction to this “sacred art,” if I can call it this way… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. November 4, 2011
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