How To Avoid Natural Disasters

If there’s something man still didn’t manage to beat in this world, that’s nature. To be more specific, I am talking about natural disasters. Well, at least most of them, and since information is the best weapon we have against floods, forest fires, earthquakes or tornadoes, knowing how to avoid natural disasters means knowing when and where are they expected to occur…

Earth Alerts

Because “sometimes mother nature gets a little upset,” you should get Earth Alerts and get real time information on a variety of natural hazard events, including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tropical cyclones, wildland fires, landslides, severe weather, local weather, and even more. Adding parties with a lot of drunk and aggressive people around would also be interesting, especially for certain areas… 😉

This piece of code is absolutely free, and it also has a Google Maps version, available online here. For usage on the road, on your mobile, I think this is nothing less but priceless! For the Windows software, system requirements are pretty low, a Pentium III-class processor with 128 MB of memory being enough, as long as it’s capable of at least 1024×768 screen resolution and you have 5 MB of disk space and a decent Internet connection. Oh, yeah, when it comes to software, it seems Earth Alerts only works on 32-bit Windows XP/2000 and Windows 7/Vista, also including the 64-bit versions, this time.

That’s all, folks! Be sure to stay away from mother nature’s wrath, all right? Good luck!

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  1. March 21, 2011
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