How to Block Inappropriate Videos on YouTube

Because our kids are our life we have to keep them safe from inappropriate content on the Internet. YouTube has many educational videos, but it also has inappropriate videos, so it’s parents’ responsibility to block adult content and inappropriate videos so their young children can’t watch them.

The easiest way to block inappropriate videos is to use the YouTube Safety mode as it’s a magnificent filter. The YouTube Safety mode is the best way to keep your kids safe while searching on YouTube, so if your kids accidentally search using undesirable keywords, YouTube will filter the search automatically.

To start, go to, scroll down to the footer of the page and will find the “Safety mode”.

Change the setting to “on” and click “Save”. To lock the safety settings just sign in using your YouTube or Gmail account. You’ll have to log back in when you want to change the setting.
To know more about how the YouTube Safety Filter works, watch the video below.

[youtube gkI3e0P3S5E 640 385]

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