How to change My Documents location

Many people are putting their music, videos, movies and so on in their My Documents. However, at some point in time, the C:/ (default) drive may not have anymore space. I am always formatting my hard disk so that the default Windows drive is not having more than 15 GB, because it doesn’t need so much more space than that. In this case I always need to change My Documents’ location to another drive. This is also good for protection of documents and files, because if the My Documents’ folder is not located on C:/ anymore, in case of a computer error, you will be able to install a new Windows without touching your files. My Documents’ location can easily be changed, it takes only two minutes and is at a novice level.

Just go on your desktop (or where you have My Documents), right-click on it and change the location in the Target field. I usually use D:/Documents for it. After you change the location, you are safe from Windows problems and will have enough place for everything you want to put in your documents. Music, videos, files, now all of them have enough place and you won’t have to assign a lot of space to the default driver only for the sake of the documents.

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