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Codrut Nistor July 5, 2011 2

If you ever had the strange idea that Google is sleeping, you’d better erase that from your mind – Google is always cooking something, no matter if it survives long enough after seeing the light of day to become a successful project or it doesn’t., this article’s main topic, is an online service that’s still in Beta stage, works like Yahoo! Answers with a twist (just my opinion, if you think that’s wrong, feel free to drop a comment) and was developed by Slide, a part of Google Inc. While it was released in silence, it looks like a pretty good idea to me, so here it is!

Since I just said that is like Yahoo! Answers with a twist, here’s what this twist is all about: money! The idea is pretty simple – you ask a question, get some answers, then award a cash prize to the answer you consider to be the best one. I don’t know about you, but this one surely looks good to me! Strange enough, it doesn’t work with your Google account – you have to use Twitter or Facebook credentials to get a account. Well… I guess you can’t use the Google credentials for everything, after all – even when talking about a service that belongs to Google… ;)

Other than the above, I don’t think there’s much to be said about – since creating an account and answering questions is completely free. Sure, the Create Contest page currently says “Contest creation is by invitation only right now, but we promise to open it up to everyone very very soon!” for now, but there are a lot of alternatives available if you have a burning question – call a friend, ask on Yahoo! Answers, look for it on Google… so just keep in mind that, Beta or not, is waiting for you and, in the not-so-distant future, it could help you earn some beer money from time to time. That’s all, folks!


  1. ukmark October 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    The site itself is not a scam but many of the contest creators are. Here is how things on are working out. some one creates a contest for lets say $250 and hundreds of contestants work hard on their idea. Now here’s how many of us are getting scammed. Lets say the contest creator has asked us all to come up with an available domain name for their new business. They get hundreds of ideas and they promptly go off and register their favourites but awarding the winner to an account belonging either to themselves or someone they know, and, hey presto they get all that creativity and get to receive their prize money back.. its becomes totally free service for them. And if the use the free $100 credit give you for signing up they actually make money out of the deal too.

    This is without doubt what is going on much of the time, I know because I can see many times the winning entry for a domain name is never registered but a suggested name has been. in fact the last contest I entered the winning entry for a domain name was never registered but another entry that got no recognition was registered and by the contest creator Nick Gentile as proved by a search through the domain registrars. go see for yourself here

    I must say although there are a “lot” of scammers operating on there are plenty of legitimate people running competitions BUT its just not knowing which ones they are.

    I for one will not be bothering with this site any more I do believe many of us do have a talent and would be better taking it to freelance or similar.

  2. Cliff November 4, 2011 at 2:46 am - Reply

    Hey Mark, we started a website where a section is very similar to, in that half of it is based on the same concept of providing cash incentives for constructive feedback/solutions. So what we do, I’m not sure if Prizes does, is we have our team approve all payments over a period of 48 hours before we allow any users to withdraw to their paypal accounts. This allows us to make sure nothing fishy like that is going on and at this point everyone seems to be using it pretty honestly, and have received some good feedback. (Including ourselves on our own site) At this point it has been under control. So if you or anyone would like to check it out, we will try our best not to let the scammers take away your hard work!

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