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SSD Defragmentation and Windows 8 Optimize Tool

A solid state drive does not need defragmentation, that’s a fact. To make the story very simple, think about memory sticks/USB thumb drives – did you ever defragment one? Bingo! Sure, some tools like Raxco’s Perfect Disk claim to be optimized for SSDs and, ...Read More

Get Older Versions of Windows Programs

As you surely know, the last version of a Windows program is always the most optimized, good looking, reliable and useful version of that program… NOT! Sure, it may be cute to believe that, but truth is often different. New versions of a program ...Read More

Cancel Online Accounts

Having an account on some website is no big deal, but most users browsing the World Wide Web probably can’t tell how many accounts they have. By the way, can YOU tell how many accounts do you have? Huh? 10? 20? 30? Lost count? ...Read More

Orbitum Social Browser – Remember Flock, Anyone?

Maybe some of you don’t remember Flock, but I must say it all got even better with Rockmelt. Unfortunately, Yahoo! acquired Rockmelt about two months ago and decided to kill it. Obviously, they mentioned that mumbo-jumbo about integrating its technology into future products. Now, ...Read More

Recover Deleted Files From SSDs

If you deleted files located on a SSD, then you may be in trouble. At first sight, it should be pretty easy to recover deleted files from SSDs, but the truth seems to be different. These being said, let’s proceed in our quest for ...Read More

bookbin Is a Great Tool For Writers

If you want to write an eBook, things may seem harder than they really are, especially from the financial point of view. No, I am not talking about earnings generated by an eBook – this is mostly marketing, since I’ve seen a lot of ...Read More

Avoid Losing Your Password With Firefox

A few days ago, I found an incredible story on a Romanian blog. It wasn’t IT-related, only a generalist blog, but the article I found was somehow related to our topics here. To make this longer story short, a guy had his Yahoo! account ...Read More

URL Uncover Can Help You Avoid Trouble

Shortened URLs may hide a lot of dangers nowadays and sometimes it’s better to know where you’re headed to before clicking that link, no matter if you have a fully featured security suite installed and running. Guessing is not an option, so why ...Read More

Post Animated GIFs in Facebook

In case you were wondering how to post animated GIFs on your Facebook timeline that your friends can easily play, the answer is very simple – GIPHY. As it usually happens in such cases, it all comes with a twist – you can’t post ...Read More