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Foxy SEO Tool

Before saying anything else, let me warn you – there’s a Firefox addon called My Surfing Board – don’t even try to use that piece of crap! I have no idea how did this shit got on, I really can’t imagine people so ...Read More

Kid Mode – Firefox for Kids

If you worry that your kids will go searching for porn online, I think you should relax – porn will find your kid before any attempt to search for it, there’s no doubt about it – age has nothing to do with it! Obviously, ...Read More

What's That Preference?

As most power users who mess with Firefox at least from time to time surely know, the path to the ultimate customization options starts with the “about:config” text typed into the address bar, followed by a press of that big Enter key, right? On ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Noia 4

Oh, my!!! This week has just become much brighter than I could have ever expected! The reason? I just discovered that my favorite Firefox 3.x theme, Noia 2.0 (eXtreme), got a new version that works like a charm with Firefox 4 and, to make ...Read More


As I usually say, keeping things as short and simple as possible is the best way to go. On the other hand, one’s short way is other’s long road, so when it comes to closing Firefox tabs, simply left clicking that “x” button present ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – BlackX

Sometimes, life is black and white. Gray and various colors are just excuses, nothing more. Same thing goes for diplomacy – every nation’s diplomats eat s*&t about cooperation and peace, while billions are being spent to build huge armies to defend against… nothing. The ...Read More


The funny part about Google’s recent improvements to its Internet search services is that a lot of people consider them annoyances before anything else, so instead of going “Wow, I really think that Google Instant is an awesome feature!” there’s nothing but “What can ...Read More


No matter how awesome you may consider Firefox 4, you have to admit that its lack of tab groups is pretty frustrating, especially since Opera introduced this feature quite some time ago. Even more, Opera has a simply brilliant addon called TabVault, but since ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – AvantGarde

Another week is quickly getting near the end, so I had to find a brand new Firefox theme. While finding cool Firefox 4 themes is pretty easy, finding one that supports Personas is pretty hard but, fortunately, today we hit the jackpot: AvantGarde looks ...Read More