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I know this question has a lot of possible answers waiting out there in the wild, but I am sure most webasters who asked it got more than just one answer and, in most cases, they also had to fill some captchas and/or go ...Read More


I know that the changes made by Google last week turned the entire world upside down for more than just a few sites and, unfortunately, some of those that got hit really hard didn’t actually deserve it. Well, nobody said life should be fair, ...Read More


Back in the days when I was a kid, there was a period for my Tetris madness: I could have played with my Tetris for hours at incredible speeds, pressing the buttons only based on the next piece shown, not even looking at any ...Read More


Sometimes, seeing how many Firefox addons can be found for virtually any task you can think of makes me wonder why isn’t there a Firefox OS available yet. As you probably know already, I use Firefox only as a secondary browser, my one & ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – FennecFox

No matter how cool may be last week’s Firefox theme, the time has come for a new one and, since sometimes I really like black interfaces, today’s the right time to drop that creamy Silvermel and get back in black with FennecFox, a really ...Read More


Google must die!!! Google must die and be reborn, not just “die,” of course. Why? Just perform a few searches and you’ll get your answer… or get DeeperWeb and take your Google user experience to a whole new level right here and right now! ...Read More

Integrated Gmail

Good morrrning!!! I don’t know about you, but my wife has all the rights to call me a freak – most days, I check my Gmail account before doing any other things that normal people do, like washing my face, eat breakfast and put ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Silvermel

Ever heard of Charamel? For me, this is something completely new, so Silvermel doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before. After taking a quick look at that one, too, it’s still Silvermel the one I really love, so this is going to be the ...Read More


Do you like the design of all your favorite sites? I am sure you don’t. After all, most people love various sites for anything else but the design – sure, if they look great, that’s a bonus. For example, let’s take Facebook or Google ...Read More


Today, I’ll break one of my own rules and I will write about a Firefox addon I didn’t manage to try yet. This has nothing to do with me being paid by them to do this or something like that, it’s only the fact ...Read More