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Firefox Theme of the Week – macfox NOSTALGIA

It seems my walkman arrived at my local post office today, so tomorrow I’ll probably get my hands on a brand new, yet “amost vintage” digital tape player. Why? Let’s leave details aside, I am too happy I managed to find such a beauty ...Read More


Information – the most powerful weapon in the world today. Right? I am sure you’ll agree with me, since most people who aren’t living on top of a mountain without access to any news source know about WikiLeaks now, no matter if the information ...Read More

samfind Bookmarks Bar

People who say they won’t try Opera because it doesn’t have enough plugins are idiots. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand those who need a certain plugin for a certain task, but I won’t ever understand why some simply consider that “more” is ...Read More

"Less spam, please" – Firefox Add-on

Spam, spam, spam. I hate spam. My Yahoo! Mail is full of spam so I’ve decided to move to Gmail. It’s good, but I wasn’t able to avoid spam… The problem is that you can’t be 100% sure that the company/site that you’re giving ...Read More

WhoisDomain – All In One Site Lookup

I really like to try new things today! For example, a few hours ago, I had lunch at some place where I’ve been before, but I tried something new and – fortunately – I am still alive and well. Moving to our daily Firefox ...Read More

Google Shortener

Why keep URLs long when you can easily shorten them, huh? There’s no logical reason for that and, even better, I just bumped into a pretty fresh Firefox addon that can take care of this task for you. Even better, we’re not just talking ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Chromifox Extreme

Still in love with Firefox, but also craving for some of Google Chrome’s simplicity? No problem – you don’t have to betray your beloved browser, it’s enough to get the right Firefox theme and you’ll get your Chrome-like Firefox browser in just a few ...Read More

Pixlr Grabber 2.0

Still not happy with the classic approach to taking screenshots in Windows? To me, it’s PrintScreen/Alt+PrintScreen all the way, quickly followed by manual cropping in IrfanView, when needed. On the other hand, some people may consider that doing it all inside their browser is ...Read More