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Firefox Theme of the Week – ACE Foxdie

I can’t deny the fact that I really love black stuff – even a lot of black metal bands, but enough’s enough, so the time has come to change my Firefox theme. As you probably remember, last week I went all black with SmallringFX ...Read More


I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel like using really basic things to get the job done, and a targeted search engine always comes in handy. Sure, today’s subject may not be as exciting as many other Firefox addons, but small bricks are ...Read More

Fotofox 2 – Easier Image Uploads With Firefox

In the last few years, entering my login credentials to various sites became probably one of the things I hate most, despite the fact I use automatic login whenever that’s possible. Sure, I could always go with a good password manager, but something seems ...Read More

WordPress Toolbar

Ever felt that the default WordPress menu needs to be a bit different? After all, why have it the old way, when you can access its options via a floating toolbar? Sure, some may say this is nothing more but a Firefox addon built ...Read More

Destroy the Web!!!

Sometimes, everyone feels like destroying its competitors, all their work, all they ever loved… I am sure most of you know that feeling already. While such feelings aren’t exactly something to be proud of, keeping it all inside is also a bad idea, so ...Read More

New Tab King 5 – A Great Way To Start Your Day

Yesterday evening, I was thinking about the best way to start this week. After looking for an interesting Firefox addon, the first search session ended up in disappointment. Fortunately, I took a break and then I easily found exactly what I enjoy most when ...Read More

Firefox Collections

When it comes to Firefox, I must admit that I became a bit ignorant in the last few years. Sure, it was great for a while, but Opera started to grow on me a long time ago… and it overwhelmed Firefox one day, obviously. ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

While most Firefox users I know may not be using too many addons, I know one thing for sure: without a single exception, they’re crazy about Firefox themes! Since I can’t say I hate Firefox themes, either, I decided to start a new series ...Read More

Fasterfox – A Faster Firefox

After yesterday’s pure awesomeness, today is the time for some pure speed. Obviously, some people may say this Firefox addon makes their pages load faster, while others may say it doesn’t make any difference. Hey, I even heard about people claiming that Fasterfox makes ...Read More