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SSD Defragmentation and Windows 8 Optimize Tool

A solid state drive does not need defragmentation, that’s a fact. To make the story very simple, think about memory sticks/USB thumb drives – did you ever defragment one? Bingo! Sure, some tools like Raxco’s Perfect Disk claim to be optimized for SSDs and, ...Read More

Recover Deleted Files From SSDs

If you deleted files located on a SSD, then you may be in trouble. At first sight, it should be pretty easy to recover deleted files from SSDs, but the truth seems to be different. These being said, let’s proceed in our quest for ...Read More

How To Choose a Video Card For Your Computer

While some may simply answer “Nvidia” or “ATI” without adding anything else when asked about it, choosing the right video card for a certain hardware/software setup, user needs and budget can be quite tricky, especially when your video card- and computer-related knowledge is at ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part II

Welcome back folks; let’s go straight forward to the work đŸ˜‰ Hack 4: Virtual Memory Virtual memory is a part which the system takes from the hard disk to use it as a RAM to speed the system performance but unfortunately, the OS takes ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part III

  Hack 7: Disable time stamps When you browse any file or folder on your hard disk, the system records the time and the date, and this feature known as time stamping. This task makes the hard disk very slow, so disabling it is ...Read More

Why Do These Symbols Look the Way They Do?

USB:- The USB icon was designed to resemble tri-pronged spear of the Olympian God Neptune. The pointed triangles on its tip was the best symbol to represent the power of the USB. However, USB promoters decided to alter the shapes into a triangle, a square ...Read More

How to Speed up Your PC, part I

Even if you have the best hardware components available, you’ll complain about your PC being slow, and you will not ever feel satisfied about your computer’s speed. By following this article’s tweaks you’ll be able to increase your computer’s speed and make sure it ...Read More

Three microSD Memory Cards Benchmarked

For a long time, I kept wondering about the real life difference between class 4 and class 6 microSD memory cards. Since last week I got myself a 4 GB class 6 microSD card to use with my Android tablet, I decided to mess ...Read More

iMac 27'' Power Consumption

I got my iMac 27” about 4 months ago and these days I became really curious on how much does it cost me to run this machine 18 hours/day. So I unpacked my small Watt meter and started to measure things. Here it is: ...Read More