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How to Use Your Pen Drive as RAM in Windows 7?

Windows 7 has a feature called ReadyBoost which enables its users to use their pen drives as temporary RAM for their systems. This feature is helpful when because of any reason you need to speed up your system for short time. Instructions to do ...Read More

How to Block Search Spam in Google Chrome

Everytime when i want to search something, especially a review about a product, i get false results and spam results. I hate that, i just want to read about that product, i don’t want to see unrelated results or so called Made for Adsense ...Read More

How to Enable "Run Command" Box in Windows 7?

With the new interface of Windows 7 many new features are introduced in the operating system. Where some features are added, at the same time few of them are eliminated from the interface. Although, these features are not easily seen but are still present ...Read More