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Associate IM Screen Names to Facebook Account

Since network of Facebook is now expanded to several other domains and chat messengers people can associate their screen names from those messengers with their Facebook accounts. For example if a Facebook account holder has Yahoo! account which he uses for Yahoo! Messenger he ...Read More

Add Your Mobile Number on Facebook Account

Facebook nowadays is considered as one of the most popular and authentic social networking sites where no fake IDs are entertained at all. Keeping this thing in mind Facebook developers have added a feature in which users can specify their mobile numbers so that ...Read More

Add Profile Information to Facebook Account

While using Facebook account, Facebook asks a few questions before it fully activates the account and makes it functional. These questions include basic information about education and work and profile picture. However if users want they can provide even more detailed information in their ...Read More

Add Multiple Phone Numbers to Facebook Profile

Since Facebook allows its account holders to stay connected to their friends and relatives who might be scattered all around the globe, it offers several different features using which they can be contacted by their loved ones. Visibility scope of the contact information can ...Read More

Add Known Languages to Facebook Account

Facebook nowadays is used by almost every individual around the globe. It is also well understood that people who are scattered around the world speak and understand several different languages. There are also possibilities thata single person can be well versed with multiple languages ...Read More

Add Family Members to Facebook Account

Facebook offers a unique feature that allows their account holders to add family members in their profiles. This allows users to make their profiles uniquely identifiable whenever any person searches for them. It is recommended that family members who are added to a user’s ...Read More

Add Contact Address to Facebook Account

Since Facebook is considered as an authentic and genuine social networking site it is understood and considered that every information that is provided in the users profile will be displayed to authentic people. This is why Facebook designers have added a feature of providing ...Read More

Add Activities to Facebook User Profile

Since Facebook is a complete social networking site it allows users to mention their activities so that people of common interests and activities can find each other and can stay connected. This also helps users to increase their social networks and broaden their friendship ...Read More