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Disable Like Post Notification in Facebook

While using Facebook it is obvious that you will regularly post something on either your Wall or in any group and you can also post something on your friends’ Walls as well. Whatsoever the case is, your post can be liked by several people ...Read More

Disable Notifications for Facebook Wall Posts

When a friend is added to a Facebook user account’s friends list, by default he is allowed to write on the Wall of his added friend. He can type in something, upload an image, upload or share a video, etc. in order to stay ...Read More

Enable Poking Email Notification in Facebook

Facebook, as a social networking site, allows users to communicate with other users and make new friends if they find them of common interests. Another part while interacting with other users who are not added in the friends list is through inbox messaging which ...Read More

Remove Older Facebook Recognized Device

Facebook allows users to keep a record of all the devices which were used to logon to their accounts and all the devices which are recognized by the Facebook can be viewed using a tool offered by the website which is known as Recognized ...Read More

Terminate Unfamiliar Facebook Active Session

Since Internet is considered as a place where several hackers keep on looking for any loophole in any account so that they can enter into them illegally to harm a particular user or PC, Facebook allows users to end any activity that users may ...Read More

View Active Logon Sessions on Facebook Account

In order to maintain the security and secrecy of any Facebook user, Facebook provides a monitoring tool using which users can view the sessions that were created while logging on to their user accounts. When these sessions are recorded, approximate location of the user ...Read More

View Facebook Recognized Devices List

In order to provide best security features Facebook offers several tools which can be helpful in this regard. One of such features is Logon Notifications which allows users to configure their Facebook account is so that they can get notifications through e-mails whenever any ...Read More

Change the Way Facebook Display Name is Shown

Although Facebook is mostly used by individuals who are interested in making new friends and want to stay connected with their relatives and old friends, it is also used by corporate people and organizations to advertise their products and services they offer. Whatsoever the ...Read More