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Register Your Username with Facebook

Whenever a new Facebook account is created it is assigned with a profile ID that is a collection of large numerical digits and is quite difficult to remember. Also it is not realistic to use this profile ID as a URL which can be ...Read More

Enable Secure Browsing on Facebook Account

Technically speaking, almost every website that is available on the Internet works on Port 80 which means that every communication that takes place between the user and the site is transferred in plain text. The consequences of this might be that any hacker can ...Read More

Enable Logon Notifications on Facebook Account

Facebook offers several features using which users can secure their accounts and can verify as when there accounts were accessed and from which locations and devices. These features are integrated into Facebook keeping in mind that users may want to secure their accounts and ...Read More

Change Display Name of Facebook Account

Unlike any other social networking site, Facebook allows users to change their display names so that they can change their identities if required. Although this configuration is never required by an authentic user during the entire lifetime of his account however in many cases ...Read More

Change Default English (US) Language in Facebook

Since Facebook users are scattered all around the globe, it is quite obvious that many of them are not quite comfortable with the default English (US) language that is used by the site. Instead, there might be majority of users who may want to ...Read More

Add an Alternate Name to Facebook Account

Many people nowadays have two names which can be differentiated as their official names and pet names. Also many people may want to share their pet names with their friends and relatives who they might meet or add on any social networking site. Facebook ...Read More

Specify Who Can Send You Friends Requests in Facebook

Although any social networking site is specifically designed for the people who want to stay connected with their friends and relatives and is also helpful in finding new friends, there are certain drawbacks which cannot be overlooked just like that. One of the biggest ...Read More

Specify Who Can Send You Facebook Messages

Since Facebook is designed for people who want to stay connected with their friends and relatives, for a new user it is not expected that he may have added all his friends and relatives as soon as he has created his account. After a ...Read More

Specify Relationship Status on Facebook

Every social networking site allows users to edit their profiles and include mandatory information for example their cities, hometowns, date of births, etc. These websites also allow users to specify their relationship status which can be either engaged, single, married, etc. Same is the ...Read More