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Specify Gender of Interest in Facebook Account

A Facebook account always displays the complete information of the user profile which includes hometown, current living place, gender, date of birth, etc. When a Facebook account is created it by default contains no information about the gender in which user is interested. In ...Read More

Restrict Visibility of Phone Numbers on Facebook

Although phone numbers are the easiest possible way to stay connected with friends and relatives, the information is yet considered as sensitive. Many people do not want to distribute their phone numbers to any person whom they do not know and while providing their ...Read More

Restrict Facebook Account from Being Searched

Keeping users’ security in mind Facebook offers several unique features to ensure the privacy and secrecy of its account holders. One unique feature that is only offered by Facebook itself is that users can hide their profiles from being searched by any user. This ...Read More

How to Create a New Facebook Account

In computer era nowadays everybody relies on social networking sites to find and make new friends. Gone are the days when people used to wander around on the streets with their friends for refreshments. Since nowadays everything is through computers, people find it quite ...Read More

Hide Year or Date of Birth in Facebook

Since Facebook is a social networking site it is designed to allow people to locate their friends by searching for their names and/or profile info. The major role in profile info is played by the date of birth of the user. By default Facebook ...Read More

Hide Gender Information from Public in Facebook

By default Facebook displays all information of a user profile to everyone who visits it. This means that all the information that is mentioned by a user is made public so that anyone who wants to locate the user can view his information and ...Read More

Do Not Allow Friends to Write on Your Facebook Wall

Just like any other social networking site, Facebook also allows is account holders to update their status on regular basis. Status of account holders can be specified on a particular area which, in Facebook, is known as Wall. An added advantage while using Facebook ...Read More

Customize Family Members Visibility Scope on Facebook

Keeping users’ security in mind Facebook allows profile information to be kept hidden from others. The scope of their visibilities can be specified by configuring user profiles accordingly. This means that if users want they can configure their accounts in such a way that ...Read More

Complete Facebook Mandatory Steps to Use Account

Once you have created and activated an account on Facebook you need to go through some mandatory steps before you can actually make the account fully functional. Without completing these steps you will not be able to use your account properly and also you ...Read More

Change Facebook Account Password

Since it is IT era nowadays, no more signatures are used for the verification of an individual. Nowadays if a person needs to verify his authenticity he needs to provide password or use any other biometric authentication method. In more than 80% cases passwords ...Read More