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Web-Based FTP Client Needed? Here It Is!

If you hate installing stuff, I have some good news for you, in case you lived on a remote island so far – there are plenty of Web-based tools for most tasks you can think of! Even better, they are usually free, so if ...Read More

File Conversion, As Easy As It Gets!

I hate file converters. Do you really want to know why? First, it’s because those junky converters available for ridiculous prices and full of spyware, and second, there’s also that file formats support part – no need to get into this deeper, because that ...Read More

Learn the Chat Language/Internet Acronyms – Guide

Do you sometimes encounter acronyms that you don’t understand, like AFK and others? If you use the Internet daily you should know these acronyms in order to communicate with other people worldwide and if you started to use chat applications, I am sure that ...Read More

Free Online Backup With IDrive

We talked about backing up our vital data more than once, and we won’t ever stop, because there will always be someone still not doing it right or, even worse, not doing it at all! Unfortunately, most people figure out how important data backup ...Read More

Geocities Pages, Reloaded

Some say mankind is lost, and if you look around, you may be tempted to agree. Fortunately, there are a lot things worth fighting for, and of them is history. Since we should be talking about computers and Internet here, it’s about the history ...Read More

Test My Connection, Please!

You probably know how to use the ping command when it comes to testing packet loss on a Windows computer connected to the Internet, but if you don’t, then I have some good news for you – you won’t ever have to learn how ...Read More

Free Online Music With TubeRadio

Each time someone asks me about free online music, a little part of me dies. The reason is that I just can’t understand how is it possible for people who have been online for over two years to ask such questions. It’s like being ...Read More

Online Data Storage Tool For All

One of the things I love about the evolution of Internet is that everything became cheaper in the last years, and services that were really expensive a decade ago can be used for free today. One example is online storage, and I’m not talking ...Read More

Become An Event Planner For Free

These last few days I’ve been out of town, trying to meet with some people in the city I was born and spent my teenage years. Unfortunately, we’re no longer teenagers, and synchronization was a really big problem. Well, I must admit people can’t ...Read More