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Afraid Of Internet Fraud? Test Your Knowledge!

If you’re using at least one email address, and I bet you do, you surely had to face spam and phishing. Sure, some may encounter such problems more often than others, and it all starts with the degree of exposure of your email address. ...Read More

Mobile Live Streaming Video With Qik

Until today, I strongly believed that mobile phones with included cameras were nothing more but one of those gadgets with features that nobody really needs. What made me change my mind? Well, I still think that, if you want to take some pictures, the ...Read More

Looking For A Free Keyword Tool?

These days, everyone seems to be crazy about keywords, but this whole thing has two faces. Unfortunately, I’ve seen the dark side of the keywords world a few times too many, and everyone can figure it out pretty easy – just perform a Google ...Read More

Google Desktop Tools

I think we’re headed to a world where Google reigns supreme, despite the fact its services are far from being perfect, but – to be really honest – I wouldn’t mind that. After all, I am not the one feeling it would be better ...Read More

Smart Web Search With Goby

Since my other half has been killing me lately asking for a nice trip somewhere, I started checking various locations using the Internet, apart from asking around most people I know. While I didn’t arrive to any solid conclusion yet (she loves seaside, I ...Read More

Why Not Be Environmentally Friendly?

I don’t know if it’s my age, but I think more and more about the effect my actions have on the environment, especially the way I live and work each day and the products I use. Just as a side note, I’ll be 30 ...Read More

May The Force Be With You!

The future is online, but I don’t think I really like the idea – at least not yet. Sure, some might say that a secure connection should be enough to keep all your data safe, but what if it isn’t? For now, I would ...Read More

Bug Me Not, Or Else…

I don’t know about you, but to me, the Internet is as much of an annoyance as it is a source of entertainment and information. Sometimes, it’s almost 100% annoyance, and this happens especially when you’re looking for information… because you got plenty of ...Read More

PDF To Word Online Conversion

Converting PDF to Word may not be that hard to do, but I know a lot of people who didn’t have a clue on how to do that, and – obviously – it happened what I use to hate these days… they asked for ...Read More