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Monitor Website Changes

Sometimes, checking for changes in certain sites gets pretty time consuming, especially if the RSS updates don’t cover the area you’re interested in. Even more, you don’t want to install some software or browser plugin just to check for changes in those pages, so ...Read More

Combine PDF Files Online

A few days ago, a buddy of mine asked me about a tool to combine more than two PDF files. So far, so good, but he also added the “free” part, leaving me completely in the dark. So, we need a tool to combine ...Read More

Stuff For Free Via Twitter

I don’t know if I told you this already, but it’s no problem if I say it again: Twitter is one of those successful ideas that I include in the category “useless junk that sells,” no matter what countless social media experts may say. ...Read More

Forget About Spam Blocking Software!

Forget about spam blocking software, the time has come for a smart anti spam email address! Why am I saying this? Well, spam blocking software seems to be always one step behind spammers, and that’s not because people on that side of the barricade ...Read More

Looking For A Rapidshare Alternative?

I won’t hide the truth and claim file sharing sites like RapidShare or Megaupload are used only by people who send holiday photos to their friends and family, because the truth is that, probably, over 70% of their traffic is illegal sharing of copyrighted ...Read More

Free Internet Radio For All

Weeeekeeeeeend! I am sure you all feel the same, but what’s the plan? No matter what you want to do in the next two days, I am sure music would fit in just well! Sure, I know there are some people who only listen ...Read More

Free Encryption Software, Anyone?

If you’re looking for some free encryption software, I found something even more interesting – a website able to replace that kind of software tool! Sure, I wouldn’t be crazy about it, either, since that site could log all messages and, maybe, report the ...Read More

Absolutely Free Music Downloads With Jamendo

Absolutely free music downloads do not exist! Right? Wrong!!! Sure, it’s very easy to take a wrong step and get into the warez world when looking for free music downloads on the Internet, but Jamendo is the best example one can push forward in ...Read More

Computer Power Usage – Solving The Mystery

Some people simply don’t care about the power requirements of their computers, and I must admit I was one of them for a pretty long time. Even now I think that “no name” power supply units can get the job done for some low-end ...Read More

Easily Find Sites Similar To Others

We all know there’s no such thing as perfect search engine, at least not yet. Yes, sure, I also know that a lot of people think that Google is God undercover, and no matter how false or true may that be, sometimes it’s easier ...Read More