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Download Free Songs – Lots Of Them!

I don’t know if we got through this discussion here already, but since it’s something I always use to say, that doesn’t really matter – for me, MP3 and other formats of digital music distribution won’t ever manage to kill the audio CD! Why? ...Read More

Best Antivirus Software… 40X!!!

“Best antivirus program” is a label as good as “best husband” or “best car in the world,” and if you’re not one of those fanatics who can be found here and there, I am sure you will agree with me that there’s no such ...Read More

New Websites, Anyone?

If you’ve been using the Internet for a while, I am sure most chances are that you already got a nice collection of bookmarks you’re checking on a regular basis, but what about those days when you need something new? Well, I found that ...Read More

User Manual Lost?

Some days ago, I was on a big quest to find the manual of my washing machine, since I was sure I have it somewhere around, and I was also sure I am usually using the wrong program to wash my shirts. Fortunately, I ...Read More

Open Unknown File Types!

“I have a strange icon on my desktop. How do I open the file I just downloaded?” I am sure you heard something similar to this at least a few times, or maybe you asked yourselves about opening some file with a strange extension. ...Read More

Email Security Tips For Gmail Users

Using a secure paid email account is, usually, the best choice one can make, but what about Gmail users? One popular myth claims that free email services aren’t secure enough, while other says the companies behind such services will sell your address to third ...Read More

Monitor Warranty With WarrantyElephant!

In an ideal world, every product would get lifetime warranty, and you wouldn’t have to keep the packaging until it expires. Unfortunately, we’re not living in such a world, and you have to track all those papers and boxes for a lot of time, ...Read More