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Internet Speed Tests Roundup

Looking for a good Internet speed test? Great, it seems you’re in the right place – today, we’ll feed you more than just one Internet speed test, we’ll have quite a few of them! Before moving to the good stuff, let me tell you ...Read More


I really enjoy messing with my personal pictures – after all, someone always feels offended when facing some picture with him/her that has effects added, no matter how minor may be the changes. I know, I know – it seems ridiculous. Unfortunately, such people ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – Extabit

While I can’t say I’m crazy about file sharing services that offer you money every time one one of your files gets downloaded (the reason is that, in most cases, this leads to copyrighted content being illegally shared), I surely enjoy a good RapidShare ...Read More

Free Online Games With a Twist – Pica Pic

Remember Bartman:Avenger of Evil? Nope? Not even Casio’s Castle Adventure? Well, I guess I’m a bit too old, but some of the handheld games that can be easily classified as “vintage” these days were way too awesome back in the 1980s – early 1990s, ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – i-FileZ

After last week’s madness, it’s a real relief to find a RapidShare alternative that works as it should in just a few minutes, so I’ll leave any other introduction aside and move straight to the topic: ladies and gentlemen,get ready to meet i-FileZ! 😉 ...Read More


About a week ago, I received a link to some funny yet attractive album only available for online streaming on Grooveshark. I know I can be really ignorant sometimes, especially since there are thousands of online services worth checking out and, unfortunately, I can’t ...Read More

Khan Academy

For a lot of people, going to school means something – some consider it a way to make their parents proud, others think it’s a key to a better job or place in society (sometimes both). Obviously, I am not talking about high school ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – GigaPeta

Still looking for a good RapidShare alternative after all this time? I don’t know about you, but I must admit that the hunt became much more interesting than the prey itself, so I keep searching for RapidShare alternatives just for fun, especially since I ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week –

Finding a good RapidShare alternative seems to be getting more and more like a blind hunt, because I end up facing sites that don’t work as they should more often than I think it’s normal. For example, yesterday I found a great file uploading ...Read More

Perfect Your English… NOW!!!

Now that everybody dreams about making money on the Internet, you can find thousands of self-entitled “editors” and “writers” all over the place, with a lot of them ready to write a 500 words article for $1 or so, but this isn’t a gold ...Read More