PCTips3000 Series Archive

Radio Dial

When it comes to Internet radio stations, I really can’t say something for sure – love or hate, I have a little of each for this way of enjoying your favorite music. First of all, it’s the fact that audio quality is, in most ...Read More

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an amazing tool – not a unique one, but it surely gets the job done as it should, offering even more features than it should, as we’re going to see a bit later… For now, you may consider this as an ...Read More

The Weather

The thing I really love about weather forecasts is the fact that, despite all the advanced weather surveillance equipment used and the impressive amount of computing power involved in generating short term forecasts, surprises occur pretty often. Fortunately for me, this weekend they messed ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Afterglow

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy Firefox themes that give me a bit of freedom after I install them. While I’m not going that far and ask to be able to add my own buttons or textures, I think that being ...Read More

Adblock Plus

Despite the fact I can’t say I fully agree to what they’re doing, I can say I somehow understand masochists, sadists, vegans, religious freaks, even suicide bombers, but I’ll never understand people who use Firefox without blocking the ads, despite the fact they’re annoying ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Blue Fox

While I’m far from feelin’ blue, I think I never get enough blue themes for Firefox, so today we’ll spin another one. It may not be amazing, but it’s surely good enough to make it this week’s Firefox theme here, on PCTips3000. Oh, yeah ...Read More

What's your preferred web browser ?

Today I decided to get some feedback from you. Actually this is the first poll on this blog. The question is very simple: What’s your preferred web browser ? When Google Chrome came to web scene it became even more interesting to follow the “browser’s ...Read More

Get Off My Lawn

In most cases, I hate to see social media widgets on any sites I may be visiting. If I like it, I can copy the link and paste it to Reddit, Digg, Google Buzz, like it on Facebook and so on, right? To make ...Read More

Twitter for Safari

A bit earlier today, I messed with another YouTube downloader. To be honest, I think we’ve had more than enough of them already, but… in the end, it seems I was right – we had enough of them, today’s little piece of code I ...Read More

Tree Style Tab

Some people say that horizontal tabs are obsolete and, to be honest, I have no idea what to say about that, since I usually use Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs and I couldn’t care less about their location on screen. On the other hand, ...Read More