PCTips3000 Series Archive

Firefox Theme of the Week – Strike

Since it seems to me that too much time has passed since we had a nice dark theme as the Firefox theme of the week here, on PCTips3000, I decided to find one that would bring my Web browser back in black. As usual, ...Read More


A lot of people hate Facebook for a lot of reasons, with some of them simply saying “I hate social networks that become too popular – they get full of idiots way too soon” and, sometimes, I have to agree with their reasons, especially ...Read More

Youtube Music Player

Do you love YouTube? For me, YouTube is like weather – one day it’s great, the other you hate it. If you don’t get it, just try to visit a country where most official videos can’t be displayed and you’ll understand me. For example, ...Read More

Google Search Results Direct

Do you feel somebody’s watching over your shoulder every time you’re searching for something on Google? Don’t worry, you’re not paranoid – that’s exactly what happens! Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to avoid being exposed. Google Search Results Direct, today’s Opera extension, ...Read More

Thin Scroll Bar

Feelin’ that your screen is too small? No matter how efficient may be Google Chrome’s interface, there’s always some space to gain, so today we’ll take out most of that scroll bar – I guess there’s nobody in love with it, right? Well, today ...Read More


Today it seems I’m completely out of luck – no matter what I try to use, even a screwdriver or a hammer, it doesn’t work as it should. Even worse, after almost going crazy with a really cool Opera extension that works for virtually ...Read More

AppTabs Plus

When it comes to new Firefox 4 features that other browsers had for a while, the ability to pin tabs is the first one I can think of – don’t ask why, I think I mentioned that a while back in the Firefox 4 ...Read More

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)

If I think a little about the people I happen to meet here and there, the conclusion is scary – most of them are using Microsoft Office, despite the fact they only need to view some PowerPoint presentations from time to time and perform ...Read More


Each time I get really close to that moment where you say “Enough!” and stop using a certain product/service forever, something happens. Obviously, it’s not just about any product or service, only YouTube… so if you feel like dropping it forever or you already ...Read More