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Orbitum Social Browser – Remember Flock, Anyone?

Maybe some of you don’t remember Flock, but I must say it all got even better with Rockmelt. Unfortunately, Yahoo! acquired Rockmelt about two months ago and decided to kill it. Obviously, they mentioned that mumbo-jumbo about integrating its technology into future products. Now, ...Read More

Recover Deleted Files From SSDs

If you deleted files located on a SSD, then you may be in trouble. At first sight, it should be pretty easy to recover deleted files from SSDs, but the truth seems to be different. These being said, let’s proceed in our quest for ...Read More

bookbin Is a Great Tool For Writers

If you want to write an eBook, things may seem harder than they really are, especially from the financial point of view. No, I am not talking about earnings generated by an eBook – this is mostly marketing, since I’ve seen a lot of ...Read More

Avoid Losing Your Password With Firefox

A few days ago, I found an incredible story on a Romanian blog. It wasn’t IT-related, only a generalist blog, but the article I found was somehow related to our topics here. To make this longer story short, a guy had his Yahoo! account ...Read More

Avoid Censorship With PirateBrowser

These days, in most countries all over the world, freedom is just a word, a beautiful cartoon mask that hides a hideous reality. While dictatorships simply put the fist in your mouth, most of today’s so-called “democratic” governments just ignore you. Rights? Sure, you ...Read More

Anything new in Firefox 23? Not really, no.

Firefox 23 is here. 23.00, of course. Hip hip hooray!!! Wait, there’s nothing to hooray about, after all. Firefox 23 for desktops arrived six weeks after the previous release and it’s supposed to bring some new things, but are they really worth it? Why not ...Read More

Tired of Fake Facebook Accounts? Me too!

Still using FakebookFacebook? Well, I must confess I’m stuck with it as well, but I keep the time spent on the site to a minimum. After all, most things on Facebook can be found on other sites too (especially funnies/motivationals or useful articles) and, ...Read More

Opera Mail, Rising From Its Grave

Earlier today, while I was browsing Opera’s website, I suddenly had a revelation – Opera Mail is not dead! Sure, it was removed from the browser since version 15, but – fortunately – that doesn’t mean it’s dead, it has just been reborn as ...Read More

Best Free Game of the Moment – War Thunder

Announced on the first day of April, 2011 and currently in Open Beta stage, the game now known as War Thunder was first baptized as World of Planes, but got its name changed shortly after its debut for various reasons that we won’t discuss ...Read More