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Specify Low Speed Download/Upload Limits in Windows 7

BitComet torrent client application can be scheduled to download data from the Internet at different speeds at different times of the days of the weeks. The scheduler provided in BitComet can be used to specify High-Speed Download Limit, Low Speed Download Limit and No ...Read More

Specify Folders for Files Types in BitComet in Windows 7

Because BitComet is a versatile application that provides several sophisticated features, specifying different folders for different types of files is yet another feature that is offered by the application. With the help of this feature users can specify which file type will be downloaded ...Read More

Disable BitComet Help Tips in Windows 7

Because there are several features available in BitComet torrent client application, vendors of the software have made learning of the application easier for the users by providing help tips which are displayed in the form of pop-up boxes every time the application starts. These ...Read More

Verify Status of BitComet in Windows 7

Because of its uniqueness and user friendly nature, BitComet torrent client application is considered as one of the best torrent tool available on the Internet. As soon as the application is installed on a computer it automatically configures itself to become default downloading tool ...Read More

Uninstall BitComet IE Extension from Windows 7

Whenever BitComet application is installed on a Windows 7 computer an IE extension is also installed on the computer which tightly integrates itself with the Internet Explorer that is automatically installed along with the installation of Windows 7 operating system. This extension allows Internet ...Read More

Uninstall BitComet Extension for Firefox from Windows 7

Since BitComet is quite a versatile application, as per the stats available on the Internet, it can be integrated with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers according to the requirements of the users. Installation and uninstallation of Microsoft Internet Explorer extension ...Read More

Start BitComet when Windows 7 Starts

During its installation, BitComet asks the administrators if they want to initiate the application every time the computer starts. Administrators can then answer the question as Yes or No according to their needs. After the installation process is successfully complete, if administrators feel that ...Read More