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Changing Symbols to Get Appropriate Look in GNS3

While working with GNS3, as mentioned before, physical LAN cards of the physical computers can be directly mapped to the virtual devices created in the application. However, the representation of physical machine, by default in GNS3, is a symbol of cloud. For the students ...Read More

Using GNS3 as a Switch

One of the biggest drawbacks that GNS3 has is that it supports only the IOS images of routers. This means that users cannot emulate Cisco switches to practice for their certification examination or in lab environments. However, as the professionals know that some routers ...Read More

Test Dynamips Path to Start Working with GNS3

Graphical Network Simulator or GNS3 is an upgraded and GUI version of Dynamips. Dynamips was the very first invention in the arena of virtual routing. When GNS3 was not invented, it was Dynamips which was used by the students to practice for their examinations. ...Read More

Start and Configure Virtual Devices in GNS3

After successful installation of GNS3, users need to mount the appropriate IOS images and drag-and-drop appropriate icons from the left to center pane. Also, they need to connect them accordingly in order to exploit the features of GNS3 at their full. Once everything is ...Read More

Mounting IOS Images on GNS3

As GNS3 uses original IOS images which users are required to arrange on their own, this section tells how to mount an IOS image to the console of GNS3. The application supports IOS images of almost every series of router and therefore can be ...Read More

Install GNS3 on Windows 7

GNS3, unlike other simulators like Packet Tracer or Boson Netsim, is in fact a router emulator that uses original IOS images which are used in  real Cisco routers. The application is used by the students who are preparing for Cisco CCNA global certification examination ...Read More

Connecting Two Devices in GNS3

GNS3 would be considered of no good if users are not able to create complex topologies in it. Of course, students and IT professionals can create all kinds of topologies as per their course levels. Complex topologies created in GNS3 can include several routers ...Read More