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Install VMware Tools in VMs of VMware Workstation 6.5

When a new virtual machine is installed, especially in VMware workstation, the graphics which are displayed and the connectivity of virtual LAN card is not configured to perform well under default conditions. Right after the installation of guest operating system in a virtual machine ...Read More

Map VMware Virtual Hard Disks to Physical Computers

When virtual machine creation process takes place in VMware workstation, virtual hard disk is also automatically created and is attached to the virtual machine. This virtual hard disk is, although, a physical disk for the virtual machine to which it is attached but host ...Read More

Enable Quick Switch (Auto Hide) in VMware Workstation 6.5

As compared to Microsoft Virtual PC, which offers a very user friendly interface, VMware has somewhat complex UI. Also, in many production environments VMware workstation and the virtual machines created in the application are used as primary elements of IT infrastructure. Therefore in order ...Read More

Bridge Virtual LAN Card of VM to Physical NIC

While creating virtual machines in VMware workstation, the wizard asks the administrators or installers whether they want to bridge virtual LAN cards to the physical computers in order to allow virtual machines to create network connections between guest and host computers. At the time ...Read More

Set Default Version of VMs in VMware Workstation 6.5

In many medium to large scale organizations VMware workstation is only used to create virtual machines. Created virtual machines are then transported to any branch offices where VMware players or legacy versions of VMware workstations are used to run the VMs. Whenever a new ...Read More

Capture Actions with VMware Workstation 6.5

VMware workstation a versatile virtualization application that can be used to reduce hardware costs remarkably. Another great and unique feature that is offered by the application is that administrators can create movies with it. This means that whenever administrators want to demonstrate configurations steps ...Read More