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Manage VMware Workstation Software Updates

Since VMware is a brand that is considered as a big player in virtualization technology and is in the market since quite a while, updates of the application are frequently released that contain patches, modifications and additional features which are developed to provide even ...Read More

Let VMware Workstation 6.5 Ask Where to Save Screenshots

Since VMware workstation is an application that is used in both production environments and education centers, people can use it to prepare complete study material or step-by-step tutorials by providing several screenshots. In other virtualization applications, if trainers or administrators want to take screenshots ...Read More

Keep VMs Running Even if VMware Workstation Is Closed

While using VMware workstation many times administrators may want to switch to host computers to perform some actions. Since administrators are human beings it is quite normal that they may close the entire VMware Workstation by clicking on the red cross (x) button at ...Read More