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How to Define Life of Virtual Machines in VMware Workstation

In any production environment where virtual network infrastructure is implemented and security is a major concern, administrators may want to define the lifetime of any virtual machine that they create using VMware workstation. This ensures that the virtual machine is not misused anyhow and ...Read More

How/Why to Take Snapshots of Virtual Machines

VMware workstation offers a unique feature named Snapshot which allows administrators to create a restore point for the virtual machines. This feature is used when administrators are about to configure the virtual machines for some trials and tests and they doubt that they may ...Read More

How to Specify Boot Time Delay for Virtual Machines

In VMware workstation whenever a Team is created and virtual machines are added to it, all the virtual machines can be managed with a single go. At first glance this configuration and implementation sounds awesome, however when you go into the technicalities there are ...Read More

Creating a New Team in VMware Workstation 6.5

Team is a unique feature that works efficiently with VMware workstation. With the help of this feature administrators can manage several virtual machines with a single click. When a new Team is created and virtual machines are added to it, VMware considers all the ...Read More