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How to Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows 7?

When you have no network connection available on your computer and still you want your physical machine to communicate with virtual machine, you need to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter on the physical machine and map the LAN card on virtual machine (virtual LAN card) ...Read More

How to Install Virtual Machine Additions in Virtual PC 2007?

Virtual Machine Additions are the additional tools which are installed in a virtual machine in order to get optimum performance. Performances may include better graphics, easy mouse movements, drag-and-drop feature, smooth functioning of a virtual machine, etc. These additions however have some limitations. Virtual ...Read More

How to Manage Undo Disks Feature in Virtual PC?

Undo Disks feature is used to temporary reflect the changes made by a user on any guest operating system installed in a virtual machine. With the help of Undo Disks when a user shuts down guest operating system, Virtual PC asks if the user ...Read More