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Vienna 5 Transformation Pack

Windows XP transformation packs became really popular after Vista arrived, especially to those people with weak hardware but a strong will to have something looking like Vista. To be honest, I simply don’t understand those who considered the Aero interface such a big deal, ...Read More

KB971033 – Evil Or Divine

I may be away from home, but Microsoft never sleeps, and since I bumped into some new Windows 7 updates after powering up my laptop, I decided to investigate… and the results may not be encouraging for those who are used to update their ...Read More

Porsche Windows 7 Theme Free Download

I don’t have a Porsche and I am not even using Windows 7 yet, but when I’ll move down that road, one of the first things to get will be a Porsche wallpaper. In fact, I already have plenty of them lying around, so ...Read More