Display Driver Downloads – How To

I know not everyone’s a gamer, but I am sure that most computer users don’t like running programs they don’t use, especially when these programs are loaded as Windows starts, slowing everything. Of course, computers are getting faster and faster these days, but I ...Read More

What Is svchost.exe?

Since Windows XP came along, one new system process arrived, changing everything in its way. Unfortunately, we’re not only talking about positive changes here, since svchost.exe was used by viruses as a disguise for too many times. Of course there are also positive aspects ...Read More

Command Prompt Killing!

One of the things I really love about Linux is those commands you can use in a shell, some of them so natural. For example, the “kill” command. If you’re a stranger to the Linux world, then let me tell you that this command ...Read More

Speed Up Windows Explorer's Network Browsing

Each time I am asked about ways of speeding up Windows Explorer, I feel like beating up someone. Not necessarily the one asking, of course, because sometimes people simply don’t know some things, so I can’t blame them for not knowing about the plethora ...Read More

Windows Sysinternals

Being a really big fish in the IT ocean, it’s no surprise to see Microsoft eating some small ones from time to time, but I wasn’t really expecting to see Sysinternals being purchased by the Redmond giant. Fortunately, they kept the software suite alive, ...Read More

How To Delete Locked Files In Windows

I love simple solutions for complex problems. I guess you have to be a bit out of your mind to think different. After all, why use some expensive robot to do what a simple hammer can accomplish? No, I am not talking about tearing ...Read More

Turn Off UAC and Speed Up Vista Boot Time

While I can’t say I am really in love with Windows Vista, I must admit that this is a solid operating system, and – at least once you managed to take out the useless features – it can also wipe the floor with Windows ...Read More