Top 5 Worst Facebook Apps

Like it or not, Facebook’s still hot and, as far as I can imagine, it won’t go down anytime soon, despite the severe drop in quality of the users that want to be our friends, the strange decisions of the team behind it (yes, ...Read More

Facebook File Sharing, Free For All!

Facebook file sharing may sound like something out of this world, but things have recently changed, thanks to a Facebook app simply called Pipe. Before moving on, I have to point out one thing, despite the fact this is pretty obvious to many – ...Read More

Opera 12.13 Random Crash Workaround

We all know Opera was never known for its reliability, various modules making it crash more or less often. After all, that’s probably the first reason that made them take out Opera Unite, despite the fact a bunch of users, including myself, loved it. ...Read More

Change the Way You Log on Using VSLogonScreenCustomizer

VSLogonScreenCustomizer is a free log on screen changer for Windows Vista and above versions. There are some heavy customization packs available, which will let you change your logon screen, but not everybody wants to use a heavy customization pack just to change their logon ...Read More

SSuite Office: More than an Office Suite

SSuite Office is a free office suite with all the premium features for Windows. This free Microsoft Office alternative will increase your productivity in exchange of nothing. Its wide compatibility ensures that your experience with SSuite Office becomes a good one. The graphical user ...Read More