fTalk: Free Facebook Chat Client

fTalk is a free instant messenger that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop. You will find a list of friends who are online on Facebook at that moment and you will also receive notification when a Facebook friend is ...Read More

Monitor PC Activities With Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger is a free monitoring software that can track PC activities and internet usage easily. You can track other people’s activities and what other people are doing on your PC using this freeware. Let’s see what this free keylogging software has to offer. ...Read More

Process Lasso: Free Process Manager

Process Lasso is a free process manager that helps you to make your PC smooth by re-prioritizing all the running processes. You can take complete control over the processes currently running on your PC and make your PC run smoothly. If you want to ...Read More

Record, Play Repetitive Tasks With WinParrot

WinParrot is a free automation software that can record all your activities and replay them instantly without any programming. This freeware can record your tasks and perform repetitive tasks easily. If you are looking for a free automation software for performing repetitive tasks, WinParrot ...Read More

Moo0 AudioPlayer: Free Audio Player

Moo0 AudioPlayer is a simple, free audio player that comes with an intuitive, sleek interface. This freeware does not have any cool feature to offer but if you want a free, simple and lightweight audio player for your PC, Moo0 AudioPlayer is one of ...Read More