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Recover Deleted Files From SSDs

If you deleted files located on a SSD, then you may be in trouble. At first sight, it should be pretty easy to recover deleted files from SSDs, but the truth seems to be different. These being said, let’s proceed in our quest for ...Read More

Migrate your OS to a SSD drive for free

One of the best upgrades for any computer is replacing your normal HDD with a SSD drive. The SSD drives contain no moving parts and this makes them perfect especially for laptops/netbooks. It is recommended to put your system files on a SSD drive ...Read More

Gmail tips

Today i will show you a few tips that will make your life easier. Let’s say you want to clean your address book and you make a mistake and you delete an important contact. What you can do? Gmail has the solution. You can ...Read More

Learn how to repair damaged or corrupt system files

I really hate when my system files gets corrupted and i don’t know why.  This could happen if you had viruses and your antivirus deleted all the infected files, including system files. Fortunately there is a simple solution, available on all versions of Windows. It is ...Read More

Free licence for Fix-It Utilities 10 Essentials

Fix-It Utilities is a great All-in-one program. You can use Fix-It Utilities to fix Windows problems, check PC health status, to speed up Windows, to repair Windows registry, create windows rescue CD and more.  The main modules of Fix-it Utilities are: –  Diagnose. Here ...Read More

How to use Windows Backup in Windows 7

I have no problem when I must reinstall Windows, especially Windows 7. But i am tired of installing all other applications or drivers. Windows 7 installs in 20 minutes , but it takes me 1 hour or more to install everything else. A couple ...Read More

How to install a 180 days trial version of Norton Antivirus 2011

Everybody knows that Norton Antivirus is one of the best antiviruses on the market.Norton Antivirus 2001 is a complete solution that offers protection. Norton Antivirus 2001 incorporates: antivirus protection, antispyware, antirootkit, bot protection, network mapping and monitoring, Norton Reputation Service, Pulse updates and SONAR ...Read More