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Post Animated GIFs in Facebook

In case you were wondering how to post animated GIFs on your Facebook timeline that your friends can easily play, the answer is very simple – GIPHY. As it usually happens in such cases, it all comes with a twist – you can’t post ...Read More

Tired of Fake Facebook Accounts? Me too!

Still using FakebookFacebook? Well, I must confess I’m stuck with it as well, but I keep the time spent on the site to a minimum. After all, most things on Facebook can be found on other sites too (especially funnies/motivationals or useful articles) and, ...Read More

Facebook Sticker Store – We're Almost There…

Last week, we talked about these brand new Facebook Stickers added to the chat module featured by Facebook, but it seems I simply missed something – there’s much more than Meep and Pusheen and the thing that I was talking about as an addition ...Read More

Facebook Stickers – A new level of uselessness

This is epic. Seriously. It’s called Facebook Stickers and it’s a new bugfeature of the Facebook chat that a lot of people didn’t get to use yet, simply because it’s very fresh. For now, there are only two Facebook Stickers available, the huge avatars ...Read More

The End of Facebook Fake Likes… or Not?!?

Facebook is fake. Is this an exaggeration? Probably, but one thing’s certain – those microjobs websites that should not be around at all must (also) thank Facebook for their existence, next to Google and other companies that seem to tolerate fake leads and such. ...Read More

Facebook OS – A Tale From The Future

No matter if you love Facebook or you hate it, because one thing’s certain – you just can’t ignore it! Well, you may still be able to ignore it, but it will get to you almost daily in a way or another, so why ...Read More

Top 5 Worst Facebook Apps

Like it or not, Facebook’s still hot and, as far as I can imagine, it won’t go down anytime soon, despite the severe drop in quality of the users that want to be our friends, the strange decisions of the team behind it (yes, ...Read More

Facebook File Sharing, Free For All!

Facebook file sharing may sound like something out of this world, but things have recently changed, thanks to a Facebook app simply called Pipe. Before moving on, I have to point out one thing, despite the fact this is pretty obvious to many – ...Read More

fTalk: Free Facebook Chat Client

fTalk is a free instant messenger that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop. You will find a list of friends who are online on Facebook at that moment and you will also receive notification when a Facebook friend is ...Read More