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Google Plus Review

Will Facebook go down anytime soon? A few months ago, this question would have been a bit strange. No, not strange, but really hilarious! Now, thanks to Google Plus, things seem to become serious for Facebook. Sure, there’s no huge threat waiting around the ...Read More

Google Plus

If you think that Facebook will follow MySpace’s fate, there’s no need to worry – Google has it all covered! While the brand new social networking service called “the Google+ Project” may look pretty much like Facebook, this one’s surely not a Facebook clone ...Read More

Most Popular Addicting Games

If someone asks me about my addiction to a certain game, I always claim that’s not true. Well, I guess denial is one of the first stages, right? Wrong! After all, there are two things you always have to keep in mind: first, no ...Read More

RockMelt, The New Flock!

Flock is dead, long live Flock! Well, it’s not exactly like that – in fact, it’s more like “Flock is dead, long live RockMelt,” because it seems we’re lucky – despite Flock’s early departure from this world, we’re not left without a proper social ...Read More


Some say they really love Opera, but won’t switch because there aren’t enough extensions available for it. Well, this part was a good excuse one or two years ago, but as time passes, things start to look better for Opera with each day – ...Read More