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Google must die. I have nothing special against it, it’s only the fact that Google must die and be reborn. What happened recently with a lot of sites is nothing more but an unfortunate event for most of them, since there are still plenty ...Read More


Do you like the design of all your favorite sites? I am sure you don’t. After all, most people love various sites for anything else but the design – sure, if they look great, that’s a bonus. For example, let’s take Facebook or Google ...Read More

How To Find People On The Internet

Sometimes you may need to find some information about someone on the Internet for different purposes. For example, you’ll need to find your old friends to reunite with them. Personally, I may be exposed to Internet fraud so I collect information about the employer ...Read More

A Few Facebook Tips

Today i will show a few tips for Facebook that will make your socializing easier. 1. How to check if your Facebook account was accessed for another location If you think that someone has accessed your account, checking the last location from where your ...Read More

FILEminimizer Pictures Goes Free!!!

Like it or not, Facebook isn’t going to fall anytime soon! To be honest, I can’t say I am crazy about it, but when I see so many image viewers and editors offering that “upload to Facebook” feature, that’s surely a good sign for ...Read More