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Facebook File Sharing, Free For All!

Facebook file sharing may sound like something out of this world, but things have recently changed, thanks to a Facebook app simply called Pipe. Before moving on, I have to point out one thing, despite the fact this is pretty obvious to many – ...Read More

RapidShare Alternative Of the Week – Upload

I don’t know if you had enough RapidShare alternatives so far, but I think that, at least when it comes to the average computer&Internet user, there aren’t that many choices out there. Why am I saying this? The answer lies in today’s subject itself, ...Read More

RapidShare Alternative Of the Week – Wikisend

Today’s RapidShare alternative has nothing to do with the notorious Wikipedia, except that its name can’t remind you of anything else. On the other hand, Wikisend gets the job done properly, so I can’t think about them as another service using a name that ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – localhostr

Since I haven’t found the perfect RapidShare alternative, I’m still searching for it. Before anything else, I think there’s no such thing as a perfect RapidShare alternative since, in this case, perfection depends a lot on every user’s needs – some require speed, others ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – Ziddu

Ready or not, here goes another RapidShare alternative: the name is Ziddu, the very short version of the story is “free, free, free” and, if you ask me, I can say that, despite its various drawbacks, this is a pretty cool file uploading service, ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – File Dropper

When it comes to RapidShare alternatives, I think this week we’ll keep it short and simple – File Dropper is a really straightforward service that offers excellent features to both free and premium users, but everyone should be able to easily use it, even ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – Fyels

File sharing sites like RapidShare can be improved a lot. All of them – at least all those I’ve seen so far, because Fyels, today’s find, seems to be one of those Web-based services that comes out of the blue and simply blows you ...Read More

Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – zShare

If I look back a few weeks, I can’t help but smile when I realize how easy was today to find a RapidShare alternative interesting enough to tell you about, but let me reveal it all – this didn’t happen thanks to Google! The ...Read More