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Avoid Losing Your Password With Firefox

A few days ago, I found an incredible story on a Romanian blog. It wasn’t IT-related, only a generalist blog, but the article I found was somehow related to our topics here. To make this longer story short, a guy had his Yahoo! account ...Read More

Avoid Censorship With PirateBrowser

These days, in most countries all over the world, freedom is just a word, a beautiful cartoon mask that hides a hideous reality. While dictatorships simply put the fist in your mouth, most of today’s so-called “democratic” governments just ignore you. Rights? Sure, you ...Read More

Anything new in Firefox 23? Not really, no.

Firefox 23 is here. 23.00, of course. Hip hip hooray!!! Wait, there’s nothing to hooray about, after all. Firefox 23 for desktops arrived six weeks after the previous release and it’s supposed to bring some new things, but are they really worth it? Why not ...Read More

TextMarker: Free Firefox Add-on

TextMarker is a free Firefox add-on that helps you to select or highlight text when browsing a website from your browser. You can highlight any text on a website with your keyboard or from the context menu. If you want to highlight texts on ...Read More

Cert Viewer Plus: Free Firefox Plugin

Cert Viewer Plus is a free Firefox plugin that can display data about security certificates and add enhancements to the viewer. This free plugin adds the feature to display PEM file data in Firefox’s certificate viewer. Let’s see what this free Firefox add-on has ...Read More

Firefox 3.6 – A Few More Months Left!

Mozilla has about one year left to prove they can still do things right. If they won’t do it right… this company may become one thing of the past before 2013 ends. Why am I saying all this? Nothing easier – there are still ...Read More

Firefox 8 Final Release, One Month Left

It’s always great to see that people agree with me, but it’s just as fine to see them sending me straight to hell for my opinions. After all, we’re living in a world that’s – more or less – free so, until proven otherwise, ...Read More

Firefox 7 Performance & New Features

Firefox 7 is a complete disaster. I know it’s harsh, but I can’t put it any other way – I ran that Peacekeeper browser benchmark at least 40 times since yesterday evening, when I got my Firefox 6 updated to version 7, hoping that ...Read More

Chrome 14 Performance & New Features

Just three days ago, Chrome 14 arrived on the market as a stable release and, unlike some of the last versions of this Web browser from Google, this one really seems to bring a bunch of new features. Since speed is also very important, ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – FXChrome

I know we didn’t manage to have a Firefox theme each week in the last few months, but I really hope you didn’t ran out of choices to pick from. On the other hand, I also think that one good Firefox theme to keep ...Read More