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Firefox Theme of the Week – Blue Fox

While I’m far from feelin’ blue, I think I never get enough blue themes for Firefox, so today we’ll spin another one. It may not be amazing, but it’s surely good enough to make it this week’s Firefox theme here, on PCTips3000. Oh, yeah ...Read More

Firefox 5 Benchmark

When it comes to Web browser benchmarks, I decided to skip the Google search part – after all, I got a computer, a few browsers that are up to date, Peacekeeper is freely available, so why not see for myself what’s what? Since Firefox ...Read More

Firefox 5 – New Features (!?)

Firefox 5 just arrived and, to be honest, I was expecting more. First of all, if we look back at all the fuzz around Firefox 4 for quite a long time before its stable public release, we can say that Firefox 5 just came ...Read More

Tree Style Tab

Some people say that horizontal tabs are obsolete and, to be honest, I have no idea what to say about that, since I usually use Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs and I couldn’t care less about their location on screen. On the other hand, ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Strike

Since it seems to me that too much time has passed since we had a nice dark theme as the Firefox theme of the week here, on PCTips3000, I decided to find one that would bring my Web browser back in black. As usual, ...Read More

Youtube Music Player

Do you love YouTube? For me, YouTube is like weather – one day it’s great, the other you hate it. If you don’t get it, just try to visit a country where most official videos can’t be displayed and you’ll understand me. For example, ...Read More

AppTabs Plus

When it comes to new Firefox 4 features that other browsers had for a while, the ability to pin tabs is the first one I can think of – don’t ask why, I think I mentioned that a while back in the Firefox 4 ...Read More

Fast Dial

I have no idea why, but it seems too much time has passed since we talked about a speed dial Firefox plugin so, no matter how awesome may be the one I have been using in the last few months, I decided to find ...Read More