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Opera Mail, Rising From Its Grave

Earlier today, while I was browsing Opera’s website, I suddenly had a revelation – Opera Mail is not dead! Sure, it was removed from the browser since version 15, but – fortunately – that doesn’t mean it’s dead, it has just been reborn as ...Read More

Opera 11.52 Changes & Performance

This article’s subtitle should be “Firefox 7 sucks. Seriously.” but, since we’re only using titles here and nothing more, be sure to keep that in mind – this article is about Opera 11.52, but I also messed with Firefox 7.0.1 a bit and I ...Read More

Game System Requirements Tool

3.9 MB of space required as a portable app, Windows and a computer – that’s all you need to solve a problem that seems like a huge wall to some users – answering the rather simple question that is “Can my computer run this/that ...Read More