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Orbitum Social Browser – Remember Flock, Anyone?

Maybe some of you don’t remember Flock, but I must say it all got even better with Rockmelt. Unfortunately, Yahoo! acquired Rockmelt about two months ago and decided to kill it. Obviously, they mentioned that mumbo-jumbo about integrating its technology into future products. Now, ...Read More

bookbin Is a Great Tool For Writers

If you want to write an eBook, things may seem harder than they really are, especially from the financial point of view. No, I am not talking about earnings generated by an eBook – this is mostly marketing, since I’ve seen a lot of ...Read More

Opera Mail, Rising From Its Grave

Earlier today, while I was browsing Opera’s website, I suddenly had a revelation – Opera Mail is not dead! Sure, it was removed from the browser since version 15, but – fortunately – that doesn’t mean it’s dead, it has just been reborn as ...Read More

Windows Setup on USB, As Easy As It Gets!

DVDs and CDs should be dead by now, yet it amazes me when I see how many people are still using Windows CDs and DVDs to install the operating system on their computers. Speaking for myself, I left those days behind and, each time ...Read More

Opera 11.52 Changes & Performance

This article’s subtitle should be “Firefox 7 sucks. Seriously.” but, since we’re only using titles here and nothing more, be sure to keep that in mind – this article is about Opera 11.52, but I also messed with Firefox 7.0.1 a bit and I ...Read More

Game System Requirements Tool

3.9 MB of space required as a portable app, Windows and a computer – that’s all you need to solve a problem that seems like a huge wall to some users – answering the rather simple question that is “Can my computer run this/that ...Read More

Firefox 7 Performance & New Features

Firefox 7 is a complete disaster. I know it’s harsh, but I can’t put it any other way – I ran that Peacekeeper browser benchmark at least 40 times since yesterday evening, when I got my Firefox 6 updated to version 7, hoping that ...Read More

Winyl, THE Media Player You Were Looking For!

Basically, I don’t think I should start this way, but I will – ladies and gentlemen, please be aware that this isn’t actually a software review! The program we have here today may have its highs and lows that passed by me undetected so ...Read More