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Assign IP Address to VPCS to Connect to GNS3

After you have downloaded and extracted VPCS compressed file, you are ready to configure an IP address on any of the simulation computer. This means that, since VPCS supports up to 9 simulation computers, every computer can be assigned a separate IP address. Configuring ...Read More

Save NVRAM as Separate File in GNS3

While saving configurations in NVRAM of any Cisco device, say router or switch, in physical devices, the things are prearranged are easily done as everything is real and tangible. However when talking about GNS3, just like all other virtualization applications, all the hardware which ...Read More

Modifying Default Projects Save Locations in GNS3

When saving configurations and topologies in GNS3, there are few additional steps which are required in order to get the things done in a managed way. You need to modify the default save location of the projects and related files so that you can ...Read More

Map Virtual Router with Physical LAN Card in GNS3

As GNS3 provides a complete virtualized solution as far as routing and switching of Cisco devices is concerned, the application can also be mapped with the physical LAN card and can be configured to communicate with the physical computer. This further means that virtual ...Read More

Changing Symbols to Get Appropriate Look in GNS3

While working with GNS3, as mentioned before, physical LAN cards of the physical computers can be directly mapped to the virtual devices created in the application. However, the representation of physical machine, by default in GNS3, is a symbol of cloud. For the students ...Read More

Using GNS3 as a Switch

One of the biggest drawbacks that GNS3 has is that it supports only the IOS images of routers. This means that users cannot emulate Cisco switches to practice for their certification examination or in lab environments. However, as the professionals know that some routers ...Read More

Test Dynamips Path to Start Working with GNS3

Graphical Network Simulator or GNS3 is an upgraded and GUI version of Dynamips. Dynamips was the very first invention in the arena of virtual routing. When GNS3 was not invented, it was Dynamips which was used by the students to practice for their examinations. ...Read More