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Dark Facebook

While I can’t say I really hate Facebook, there are some things about it that could be improved to help me reach the best user experience possible and, despite the fact that blue is one of my favorite colors, I’d surely like to paint ...Read More

Halloween Windows 7 Themes From Microsoft

While I can’t say I am really crazy about Halloween, it’s always great to see new stuff released on this occasion, no matter if we’re talking about T-shirts, mouse pads, games, books or even Windows 7 themes. As you probably know already, I’m not ...Read More

New Facebook Layout – Evil or Divine?

I don’t know about you but, speaking for myself, I considered Facebook a rather original Web-based service until now. I am not talking about the idea itself, but the overall layout and features. I got my account in late 2006 or some day in ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – FXChrome

I know we didn’t manage to have a Firefox theme each week in the last few months, but I really hope you didn’t ran out of choices to pick from. On the other hand, I also think that one good Firefox theme to keep ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – FXOpera

I know we didn’t have any Firefox theme of the week here for quite a long time so, despite all the possible reasons and excuses I could find to avoid it for another week, today I decided to find something to spice up my ...Read More


When it comes to searching the Internet for quick information regarding a certain topic, I think that using the classic approach is nothing but a waste of time. For example, compare these two situations: first, you open Google, then type your search term, then ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – STEAM

Some time ago, I bumped into the Firefox theme we’re going to talk about today and I really enjoyed seeing it shaped to closely follow Valve’s Steam client looks. I left it aside back then, but today it struck me again, so I decided ...Read More


If you start the week drinking, then you probably have a bit of a problem, but what if you start it checking some Flickr images? Well, I have no idea how should such a human be called, but he/she is surely all right in ...Read More

How To Change Windows 7 Logon Image

While I can say that this week starts pretty well right now, I don’t think I’d say that in a few hours – these next few days are expected to be really hot and I really can’t stand heat. Unfortunately, I’ll have to go ...Read More

Firefox Theme of the Week – Simple Green

Tired of all those dark themes we had here lately, I decided to switch the direction for a while and, since going straight from hot to cold isn’t exactly healthy, today we’re going to be a bit alien… or just nature lovers… or just ...Read More