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Uninstall BitComet Extension for Firefox from Windows 7

Since BitComet is quite a versatile application, as per the stats available on the Internet, it can be integrated with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers according to the requirements of the users. Installation and uninstallation of Microsoft Internet Explorer extension ...Read More

How to Mute Sound in Browsers

Have you ever been annoyed by different sounds made by browser pop-ups or ads? Well, I know that feeling and solving the problem is actually at a novice level and takes less than one minute. Note however that muting the sound in a browser ...Read More

Hack Your Own Passwords with Mozilla Firefox

Many you may forget the passwords of your online accounts. For example, if you have created a new e-mail ID on any domain and you have started using it on a regular basis. After some days, it is quite possible that you might forget ...Read More