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Be a DJ with PartyCloud!

If you just got your first MIDI controller and you need some DJ software to play with, you’d better think again – there’s a free online service to help you do that as well. More than just another free online service, PartyCloud is a great ...Read More

Dark Facebook

While I can’t say I really hate Facebook, there are some things about it that could be improved to help me reach the best user experience possible and, despite the fact that blue is one of my favorite colors, I’d surely like to paint ...Read More

Winyl, THE Media Player You Were Looking For!

Basically, I don’t think I should start this way, but I will – ladies and gentlemen, please be aware that this isn’t actually a software review! The program we have here today may have its highs and lows that passed by me undetected so ...Read More

Juice – Free Podcast Downloads For All

I don’t know about you, but I know one thing for sure – to me and my family, TV is dead! I know there are still a few channels worth watching, but I think they’re still not enough, especially since the Internet allows me ...Read More

Manage Your Data With Stuff Organizer

After my last catastrophic hard drive failure (I told you about it a few times, no need to tell that story again, in fact I just don’t want to remember it!), I simply dropped my disk collection catalog – too much time required to ...Read More

Easy Video Editing With ClickBerry Editor

I know some of you may curse me at the end of this article, but please don’t be that evil – after all, adding interactive features to your videos can surely be considered “video editing,” no matter if the program used to accomplish this ...Read More

Grooveshark Download Tool

Since I’ve had a lot of connectivity issues lately, today I’ll tell you a few things about a program that it’s supposed to work but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. Anyway, it worked for a few of my buddies, so I have no ...Read More

deviantART Daily Deviations

I don’t know exactly why, but I started to get bored of myself lately. I know it sounds pretty lame, but I think that’s it. The reason? I often feel less curious than I was so far – for example, I become active on ...Read More


If you start the week drinking, then you probably have a bit of a problem, but what if you start it checking some Flickr images? Well, I have no idea how should such a human be called, but he/she is surely all right in ...Read More

Radio Dial

When it comes to Internet radio stations, I really can’t say something for sure – love or hate, I have a little of each for this way of enjoying your favorite music. First of all, it’s the fact that audio quality is, in most ...Read More