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Get Older Versions of Windows Programs

As you surely know, the last version of a Windows program is always the most optimized, good looking, reliable and useful version of that program… NOT! Sure, it may be cute to believe that, but truth is often different. New versions of a program ...Read More

Cancel Online Accounts

Having an account on some website is no big deal, but most users browsing the World Wide Web probably can’t tell how many accounts they have. By the way, can YOU tell how many accounts do you have? Huh? 10? 20? 30? Lost count? ...Read More

URL Uncover Can Help You Avoid Trouble

Shortened URLs may hide a lot of dangers nowadays and sometimes it’s better to know where you’re headed to before clicking that link, no matter if you have a fully featured security suite installed and running. Guessing is not an option, so why ...Read More

Create a HTML Signature For Your Emails

If you want to create a corporate-style signature for your emails/forum profiles/any website that allows it, you don’t need to call any of those HTML gurus you know and ask this from them, since the free Signature Generator I discovered earlier today can handle ...Read More

WhoisDomain – All In One Site Lookup

I really like to try new things today! For example, a few hours ago, I had lunch at some place where I’ve been before, but I tried something new and – fortunately – I am still alive and well. Moving to our daily Firefox ...Read More

Quick tip: Change your Gmail theme

Gmail is one of my favorite email service providers. I like it because it is free, give you large space and have awesome features. One of the Gmail awesome features is that you can change your Gmail account theme if you got bored of the default ...Read More