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Opera 12.13 Random Crash Workaround

We all know Opera was never known for its reliability, various modules making it crash more or less often. After all, that’s probably the first reason that made them take out Opera Unite, despite the fact a bunch of users, including myself, loved it. ...Read More

Dark Facebook

While I can’t say I really hate Facebook, there are some things about it that could be improved to help me reach the best user experience possible and, despite the fact that blue is one of my favorite colors, I’d surely like to paint ...Read More

Opera 11.52 Changes & Performance

This article’s subtitle should be “Firefox 7 sucks. Seriously.” but, since we’re only using titles here and nothing more, be sure to keep that in mind – this article is about Opera 11.52, but I also messed with Firefox 7.0.1 a bit and I ...Read More

YouNeed – Content indicator

I don’t know about you, but I think that the entire Internet, just as the world itself, is going down the drain. Sure, we may have HD content, plenty of excellent sources of information that weren’t here a decade ago but, on the other ...Read More

Better Password Generator!

When it comes to secure passwords, there’s one thing I always say to my buddies – “The only safe password is the one that you can’t remember, not even if your life depends on it.” – only to find out, from time to time, ...Read More

Chrome 14 Performance & New Features

Just three days ago, Chrome 14 arrived on the market as a stable release and, unlike some of the last versions of this Web browser from Google, this one really seems to bring a bunch of new features. Since speed is also very important, ...Read More