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YouNeed – Content indicator

I don’t know about you, but I think that the entire Internet, just as the world itself, is going down the drain. Sure, we may have HD content, plenty of excellent sources of information that weren’t here a decade ago but, on the other ...Read More

Better Password Generator!

When it comes to secure passwords, there’s one thing I always say to my buddies – “The only safe password is the one that you can’t remember, not even if your life depends on it.” – only to find out, from time to time, ...Read More


When it comes to searching the Internet for quick information regarding a certain topic, I think that using the classic approach is nothing but a waste of time. For example, compare these two situations: first, you open Google, then type your search term, then ...Read More

deviantART Daily Deviations

I don’t know exactly why, but I started to get bored of myself lately. I know it sounds pretty lame, but I think that’s it. The reason? I often feel less curious than I was so far – for example, I become active on ...Read More


From time to time, each of us has to work with the same expressions/entire phrases on a regular basis. If you’re into data entry or content writing (not limited to these fields only, of course), then I am sure you know how nasty it ...Read More


If you start the week drinking, then you probably have a bit of a problem, but what if you start it checking some Flickr images? Well, I have no idea how should such a human be called, but he/she is surely all right in ...Read More


Using Safari and feelin’ tired of all those ads? No need to worry, there’s one hell of a blocker available for Apple’s browser, too – AdBlock is his name and, even better than just being available for Safari, this piece of code is also ...Read More

Speed Dial Countdown

Can Opera do anything? Well, it can’t make cookies, but I think it could be taught at least to cook pasta! 😉 Now, seriously – where are all those who were saying that Firefox is better than Opera simply because it has at least ...Read More


While most Google Chrome apps are nothing but widgets leading to a certain online service, there are plenty of awesome ones worth checking out, so today I decided to take one for a spin. After taking a quick look at various apps from various ...Read More

Radio Dial

When it comes to Internet radio stations, I really can’t say something for sure – love or hate, I have a little of each for this way of enjoying your favorite music. First of all, it’s the fact that audio quality is, in most ...Read More