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Free Antivirus Download, 2011 Edition

If you’re looking for a free antivirus download in 2011, you should think about three major aspects of the problem: platform, amount of system resources taken and reliability. Hey, you can even add “price” to those three, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. ...Read More

Clean Windows With Xleaner!

Feelin’ ready for the Friday cleaning? Sure, most people I know usually clean their houses on Saturdays, but Friday sounds pretty good to me, too. Obviously, today we’re only going to talk about cleaning your computer’s operating system – the shape of your house ...Read More

Backup all your emails from Gmail

Today more that 0.08% of Gmail users (this means ~ 150000 users) had a big surprise. When they tried to login , they saw that their accounts had been reseted and they lost all the emails. Who thought that they will lose all their ...Read More

Free Internet Security Suites for Windows

At the end of last week, I had a revelation. In fact, a double revelation, maybe even a triple one, if we push things a little. First, it’s the thing that sometimes, even when looking for things that should be really clear, Google’s first ...Read More

Block XXX websites in Google Chrome

Blocking porn sites is the goal for all the parents. For your child’s computer you can use parental control, available in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Also parental control is available in almost every antivirus/internet security suite. But if you are in a vacation ...Read More

How to choose strong passwords

Setting up the passwords for your accounts is a very important thing, but everybody choose simple passwords like their cats name, their girlfriends/boyfriends name and so on. For accounts that are not very important, you can choose anything. But when you set up your Paypal account, your email ...Read More

Avira AntiVir Premium Free.. Almost!

No matter how much I love freebies, sometimes I just can’t hold back when I see really good deals that still require a little spending. For example, software packages or individual programs coming for really good prices are offers that I can barely refuse ...Read More